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Billing Terms

We will use your credit card to purchase products and/or services according to the payment schedule specified in your agreed-upon marketing proposal or services agreement. These types of payments include, but are not limited to:

(Marketing Services) We will initiate payment in a reasonable amount of time after we receive this signed form for any applicable campaign initial/setup fees, and then for your monthly services each month starting on the date specified in your agreement (typically this begins roughly 2 weeks after the initial campaign/setup fees).

(Facebook & Google Advertising Ad Spend Charges) Your card will be setup under an account in your name and billed directly by the platform you are advertising on based on the monthly advertising spend budget you have specified for us to manage. While we are not responsible for the billing/charging actions or methods of these 3rd party companies and you should check with those companies’ websites for specific questions, they typically bill for ad spend in multiple, smaller amounts throughout the month as your account’s billing threshold is reached (this threshold can vary between platforms and accounts; e.g. every $25, $500, $750, etc. spent for traffic on their site).

Important: Please ensure that your card can accept charges in unexpected intervals. Facebook & Google charge when certain benchmarks have been met.(For example: charges may instantly occur after every $750 interval has been reached.) If your card declines the payment, your advertising campaign will pause. This may have a detrimental effect on your advertising campaign, as it resets advertising metrics, lead flow, momentum. It typically takes a couple weeks to regain this momentum after we re-start your campaign. (It doesn’t simply “go back to how it was performing before.”)

(Web Development & General Ad-Hoc Marketing Services Fees) We will use your payment information once per month for any billable hours (logged and billed to the closest quarter-hour/15 mins) that have accrued for services that go beyond the scope of any monthly services you are paying for with us. Typically these hours are accrued when you fill out our Client Service Request form on our site, but may also in some cases have been generated from email or phone requests from authorized parties at your business to our team.

(Web Hosting, Domain Registration, & Website Software/Plugin License or Update Fees) We will use your payment information as required at our discretion to update software and fees required to keep your website and marketing properties operating properly and avoid potential downtime. This includes payments for website add-in software or “plugins”, payments for the renewal of any website domains or security certificates that are at risk for expiring, and other software-related licenses. Unless you have previously requested for us to do proxy billing for you, in the event of detecting an impending expiry for such a component we will first attempt to contact you so that you may make payment to the relevant vendor directly, but in the event that we do not hear back from you timely we may choose to pay on your behalf in order to protect the integrity of your marketing campaign and intellectual property. In such event, you will be liable for reimbursement to us for any such fees paid including applicable service/labor time, and reimbursement charges will be attempted on your card on or before the next monthly billing cycle/services fee payment date.

(Other) We strive to maintain full transparency regarding our billing agreement. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at (707) 206-6244

(Cancellation Policy) You may request cancellation of your marketing services with us at any time using this form on our site. We require thirty (30) days notice for cancellations of services, delivered electronically using our form above (other method of notice will not be considered valid for the purposes of calculating the actual termination of services date). Please keep in mind that some marketing services & campaigns carry minimum initial terms, and in those cases you will be responsible for payment of the remainder of the minimum initial billing term based on the original proposal or agreement you signed. If you cancel services prior to the end of your minimum initial term, any fees for the remainder of your initial term will be considered immediately due and payable and charged to your form of payment on file. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate existing services to anyone for any or no reason, unconditionally. In the event of our termination of service, you will be given a minimum of seven (7) days’ notice of such termination. Please read the terms & conditions on that page for further information.

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