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Personalized Appeal for your Video Marketing Campaign

Are you ready to take advantage of the many benefits of video marketing? You’ve made the right decision. Our professional videographers and video editors will take your message, your dental service, and your brand to the next level. Patients of ours report that not only did they increase interest for their dental practice among their social media followers, but they also experienced greater levels of search traffic! That’s right — video marketing boosted their new patients. You do not want to miss out on these traffic sources, because if you don’t catch a person’s attention they’ll likely move onto someone else.

Below are just a few styles of video production we offer. We may accommodate most requests — just ask!

Video Marketing Made Easy – Our Editing Styles


Animated Style 1

This style focuses on computer animation and employs a light-hearted approach, thus successfully captivating the viewer’s attention from start to finish. Your branding and graphics will be included throughout the video to develop a familiarity with your brand.



Live Actor Style 1

This style features gestures and expressions from live actors, further emphasizing the points of your services. Primary pieces of information such as address, phone number, and contact information are highlighted throughout the video to encourage the viewer’s action.



Live Actor Style 2

A live actor talks to the viewer and introduces them to the products and services your dental practice provides. This face-to-face method is very effective at approaching a potential patient. Direct and informative.



Kinetic Style 1

The visual intensity of Kinetic will catch attention like no other. Featuring dozens of color palettes to choose from, and a customize-able script for a professional voice actor to narrate. Kinetic is a top pick by many of our dental clients to showcase their brand!


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