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Local Search Optimization - Dominating Local Search

As A Dentist Trying To Capture New Patients From The Web It Is Essential To Show Up On Top

That quarter-page advertisement you bought in the local Yellow Pages may not be giving you as much traffic as it used to. A large percentage of people every year are turning to the internet -- Google, Yahoo, Bing -- to search for services online. You'll find with a little research that relying on PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements will drain your marketing budget faster than you can say 'root canal.' You need an alternative, an ever-green traffic source, to supplement your marketing budget and bring you quality leads. Perhaps the best form of marketing is local search optimization. It's a form of marketing that serves up your dental office's website to people looking for dental offices near you. They need a dentist, and you need new patients. However, it's not as simple as buying an ad. It requires focused attention, content creation, eye-catching website design and branding, and a team of experts who know what it takes to tell Google that you are the best website for the #1 spot. Check out the info-graphic below to learn about the process.

It's All About Local Search

Google+ Local optimization is one of the most important places a dentist should focus on. Google owns 67% of all search and when someone is searching for a local dentist Google+ Local pages are what show up on top.  You could have the #1 organic listing and that puts you in the 8th spot, below the Google+ Local listings.  Optimizing your page properly with the right keywords is the key to your success and acquiring new patients in SEO for Dentists. SEE OUR PLANS

  • Configuring & Optimizing of Google+ Local, Yahoo & Bing
  • Video development and submission to Google+, YouTube & other video sharing sites
  • Photo submission to Google+, Yahoo, Bing, directories and photo sharing sites
  • Submission to top dental specific directories
  • Manual verification & submission to 100's of top directories
  • Submission to mobile search, mobile maps, 411, GPS, and navigation systems
  • Citation blast to skyrocket your rankings on Google+ Local
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