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Local Search Branding

Our Marketing Systems Ensures You Look Great When People Search For Your Practice

Local search branding is extremely important for a dental marketing campaign.

It ensures that local patients in need of services see your business first when searching for dental services online. This is a huge source of traffic potential! Search engines are usually the first source of information about local businesses people turn to when in need of services. The amount of searches per month for each individual service ranges from the hundreds to thousands of searches per month. If your company is ranking #1 for a local search term in Google, that’s hundreds or thousands of people who will see your business. And, with a good marketing team like Dental Marketing Ninjas on your side, we’ll help you lure those internet searchers to your website.

Pass The Second Search Test

Say that you’ve managed to reach the top of Google for your target keyword. Excellent. Thousands more people per month see your brand and click into your website to see what you’re about. That’s not the end, however. Customers (and patients) are smart shoppers – they’ll research your business to see what other people have to say about you. Remember that time last year when you accidentally over-booked appointments and were unable to offer service to a patient? People will likely read about that online. It may cost you patients. However, do not let that discourage you because what is one bad review among dozens of positive reviews?

Reputation Management? Reputation Marketing!

Why simply manage your reputation when you can use it as a powerful tool to secure new patients looking for a dental office? So many dentists take their reputation for granted. It’s not easy to get a positive reputation. Very few dentists have more than a handful of positive reviews. Additionally, doesn’t it seem like a patient is more likely to leave a review after a negative review than a positive one? We understand this, and we know exactly how to increase the amount of positive reviews patients leave on major review sites. Using our powerful reputation marketing system we will develop methods of converting those successful patient visits into a shout-out on Facebook, a tweet on Twitter, and a golden 5-star review on Yelp.

Interested in learning more about Reputation Marketing? Read more about it!

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