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Professional Marketing Services For Dental Practices

Dental Marketing Ninjas is a full-service marketing agency that helps dentists increase intake of new patients and preserve the loyalty of existing patients. We use multiple venues – both online and offline – to bring more traffic to your office. While there are literally dozens of methods we use to achieve this, we’ll explain several of the primary categories that summarize the extent of our efforts. Our results-oriented approach fully assesses your existing exposure, highlights your strengths, improves upon your weaker areas, and boosts your success by promoting your authority in the dental industry.


Your Brand as a Dental Practice

dental practice brandingYour brand is important. Whether they know it or not, every business has branding. Branding is not just company logos or other graphics – it is in fact your ‘personality’ as a business, your message, and most importantly your authority. We take your brand – your authority – to the next level by communicating it via social media and other marketing campaigns.

Think about the tools you use in your office, or the oral hygiene products you recommend to your patients. They are the best, right? You only work with the best because that’s what you want for your patients. However, if those products were never branded or marketed properly, you wouldn’t be using or recommending them. Why is that? Because you wouldn’t know about them. You see, a product or service has to get out there and show others why it’s the best in its industry. There are hundreds of brands of toothpastes on the market, yet Crest and Colgate seem to have dominated the toothpaste market as leaders. They have the greatest branding, whether or not they are best for your patients (that’s left for the well-informed dentist – you – to decide!)

Putting this into perspective, you are the best dentist in your area. Guaranteed. You are confident in that. Good! But how are others going to know about this? What is going to separate you from the other dozen dentists within two-miles’ radius of your office? You have to build, maintain, and increase your brand. Otherwise, when patients are choosing a dentist in their area, they’ll go with whatever one ‘looks the best’. That is essentially a coin-flip. Successful branding is effectively stacking the odds in your favor that, given two choices, prospective patients will choose your practice as the authority in the field.

We use several methods of achieving this result. Read on to understand which ones we choose and how they will help you.

Social Media Marketing

dental social media marketingWe use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for two primary purposes. The first is to increase your exposure in your local area. The more people see your practice’s name, your logo, perhaps a picture of your staff, the more familiar they will become. Even if they aren’t searching for a dentist at that time, your brand will be planted as a seed in their mind. Ideally, they’ll become a follower on Twitter or a fan on Facebook, but many times that is not necessary. All it takes is that initial exposure for people to understand who you are and what you are about. They’ll file it away, and then later, during a scenario where they are searching for a dentist, that pre-existing familiarity will come to play when they make their decision.

You’ve most likely experienced this before. Perhaps you saw a mention of a restaurant on Facebook. One of your friends or relatives posted a status update regarding a positive experience they had. The next time you were deciding on which restaurant to try out, that restaurant came to the front of your mind. That is the power of social media. Social mentions are perhaps one of the strongest forms of branding out there. A simple positive comment from a friend about a business or establishment will drastically increase your perception. We use this to our benefit by increasing social mentions on each of the major social networks.

The second purpose social media serves is to keep in tight connection with your existing customer base – your patients. We facilitate conversation on social media so that your brand is kept at the forefront of their minds. Whether it be a quick helpful tip for oral hygiene, an informative or funny picture, or a news announcement, these social updates keep your patients engaged with your business. By ‘liking’ or ‘following’ your page, they are now a part of your lives, and you’re a part of theirs. You must build and maintain this community, as it ensures your prosperity even during ‘dry’ seasons where other dental practices are struggling.

Reputation Management & Marketing

dental reputation management & marketingReputation management is simply seen as making sure you have a good reputation. Dental Marketing Ninjas takes that a step further and uses positive reputation as a tool for our marketing efforts. This is reputation marketing.

Picture this scenario. You’re deciding on a steak house for dinner. You see one listing that has 5-stars, yet it only has 1 review. The second listing has 4-stars, but it has 32 reviews. Which one will be your pick? This is a very difficult decision for many people to make, but most opt for the one with a higher review count (so as long as it is equal to or greater than 4-stars).

Our first step in making your positive reputation shine bright is to encourage patients of yours to share their positive experience with the world. It’s a well-understood fact that someone is more likely to post a review online if they had a negative experience than one that is positive. However, many dental practices do nothing to mitigate this. They’ll have 1000 successful patient visits in a year, yet the one patient who was having a bitter day decides to take out their frustration in a bad review. Perhaps they didn’t understand the high costs of dental implants, or perhaps there was some innocent miscommunication or misunderstanding. Either way, they are the only person to review the dental practice and now the practice’s reputation is shown publicly in a negative light.

This scenario could have been averted if the dental practice intercepted that negative review by having a very efficient point of contact system with the patient. Not many business owners know that a customer had a bad experience until after the bad review was made public. What if that business could become aware of this bad experience before the review was made public? What if the owner could contact the customer and set things right, turning that sour review into a positive review using solid customer service?

We use this technology on a daily basis. We have seen so many negative reviews turn positive with very encouraging interaction with patients and customers. We can use this same effective measure with your practice. This is the ultimate form of reputation marketing — diverting bad experiences, and encouraging the publishing of good experiences. Using the methods we provide, and by letting us do most of the heavy lifting, we can effectively turn your social and public profile around. By having higher positive review counts and by making frequent social interactions with existing patients, you will become the ultimate authority in your local area.

Web Design Services

Last, but certainly not least, is website design and development. Are you aware that most people looking for business establishments online use their mobile phones or tablets? And were you also aware that certain websites simply do not work or function properly on mobile devices? The world is turning toward mobile internet browsing faster than the world can prepare. Fortunately, Dental Marketing Ninjas provides a rich and powerful mobile experience using our responsive web design services. We utilize the best technologies for web design, web development, and mobile browsing experiences. If you don’t have a website, we work with you to create a fully personalized and branded online presence. Almost all web design services out there offer you a cookie-cutter package. Sure your site may look nice, but it’s not custom-designed according to your brand. Likewise, there are dozens of other dental websites out there that share the exact same template. What does that say about your brand if you look just like the rest of your market? In elevating your online presence, we provide you a fully modern, fully mobile-ready website.

Video Marketing

Nothing speaks louder than a video. Videos are super effective at capturing attention and keeping it, too. They provide a user experience that cannot be achieve by simple text or images. We have a professional video team ready to capture the essence of your dental practice. We then use these videos to further market your exposure online. It’s very uncommon for a prospective patient to spend 2 minutes reading through a 400-word “About Our Dental Office” article – yet watching a 2-minute video is effortless and effective at communicating your message.

Search Engine Optimization

We could put together an entire book on Search Engine Optimization alone. (Believe it or not, we have a free downloadable eBook on Dental Marketing with many SEO tips included.) It’s an extensive topic, but it can be summed up in our primary philosophy regarding optimizing for the search engines – provide your website visitors with the content they are searching for. We’ve assessed website traffic from hundreds of thousands of searches, and we know what patients search for when they look for a dentist. Using this to our advantage, we sculpt your website content to reflect their intentions and meet their expectations. By doing this, search engines realize the authority that you have in your market and reward you by indexing your website higher in their listings.

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