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The Importance of a Good Website

by / Tuesday, 18 June 2013 / Published in Dentist Marketing

If you don’t think that your website really matters in your overall practice, we encourage you to think again!

A website is most often a person’s very first impression of your business. In fact, a person gains an overall assessment and forms an opinion of your practice within the first couple of seconds of visiting your website. Yes, it’s that fast. Our brains are fascinating things, and it doesn’t take long to form a hard-to-break opinion. Therefore, if your website just isn’t up to par, people might be thinking the wrong things about your business!

There are several categories that form this assessment. But there are a couple that are key components on these subconscious audits.

Look and Feel – Web Design

Your overall design is the first trigger. The first spot your visitor’s eye will hit is the top left, and then it’ll move quickly to the top center. Why do you think the company logo is always on top left on the websites we design? Because that’s the first thing we want your visitors to see!

Color and texture is important, too. Nothing too bright or too dark, a blend and balance of contrasts. If these things are askew, then your visitors will be visually displeased.

Content and Information

After that quick 2-second assessment, the visitor will begin looking for the information they are there for. Business hours. Phone numbers. Appointment scheduling. Address and map of location. If these aren’t placed intuitively, or if they are in hard-to-find sub-sections of your website, the visitor will give up and go back to Google.

We always strive to place your most important content in that top-center. We call that the Call To Action. That’s the very most important action we want visitors to take. We’re very experience in how visitors interact with a website, therefore we’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the most out of every visit.

A website is extremely important for your practice. With just a little work, you’ll have a well oiled machine that works for you in the long run.

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