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4 Tips to Market Your Dental Practice on Facebook

by / Thursday, 19 December 2013 / Published in Dental Marketing Ideas

Social Media is becoming more important each year for any successful business, dentists included. And perhaps the most widely recognized social network is Facebook. No longer is it only a place for old college buddies to reconnect — it’s becoming the primary method of businesses to reach out to their customers!

As a dentist, you are very busy. However, you shouldn’t neglect the one thing that can add double-digits to your monthly new patient intake!

How do you use Facebook to market your dental practice?

We at Dental Marketing Ninjas have a team of experts willing to help you boost your outreach on social media platforms such as Facebook. However, if you’re not quite yet ready to become a customer of ours, no worries! Here are some techniques that can help you increase your visibility and branding.

1. Be Personable. You must remember that many people are hesistant when it comes to “going to the dentist.” Help them re-form that initial reaction by offering a warm and understanding touch. For example, you could ask your Facebook fans, “What would make you feel more relaxed at the dentist?” Honest and sincere questions like these help ease people’s minds. In addition, they provide excellent feedback opportunities.

2. Offer Wisdom. Provide general non-specific advice to your Facebook fans and patients that could help them boost their dental hygeine. You don’t have to be overly technical about it either. A simple fun-fact can stick to someone’s memory far more effectively than a quote from a scientific journal.

3. Offer Humor. Like the unease mentioned in tip #1, people will warm up more toward your practice if you can show a bit of humor. People enjoy having a good laugh. You can also tie that into the field of dentistry, too! There are many free-to-use humorous or funny dentist-related graphics out there.

4. Invite Patients to Ask Questions. A great way to start a conversation is proposing the opportunity for your Facebook fans to ask a question. People have lots of questions they’re usually afraid to ask in person. It would be a great opportunity to hear what’s on people’s minds. Now, if their question is quite specific it might be best to advise them to come into the office for a consultation. Keep it light and informative.

There are more Facebook tips for dentists coming in the future. We hope these helped you gain some inspiration on how to best use Facebook to your advantage.

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