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5 Ideas For Dentist Contests

by / Saturday, 20 July 2013 / Published in Dentist Marketing

In the previous post we discussed how contests are important for your mailing list to grow. However, we only went over one type of contest – newsletter sign-ups.

We’ll be going over several ideas for new contests. Again, this is not a comprehensive list. These are just some ideas to get you started. Creativity truly shines brightest in this department, so you’ll want to come up with some ideas that are personalized for your business. We encourage you to view this list and branch off from there. Remember, we’re here to help your practice grow and succeed!

1. Visitor of the Month

At the end of the month, select a random patient that has visited your office that month. Inform that patient that they won a contest. Offer them a free tooth cleaning coupon, or a coffee gift card, whatever you feel comfortable with. Then, ask them if they’d like to answer some questions about your business. This content is great to post on your website, social media, or blog!

2. Healthy Habits

Ever notice a patient that really takes care of their teeth? Reward them! Not only does this increase the positive reputation of your business, but it allows you to educate proper oral care. Do this once every few months or so. Advertise the contest, explaining that you’ll randomly reward good oral health throughout the year. Make people excited about oral health.

3. Dental Product Giveaway

Offer complimentary dental care products to the first 5-20 people who schedule an appointment and attend the appointment.

4. Story Contest

Have your patients submit a story. It doesn’t necessarily have to be dentist related, but if you can find a related topic that would be fun and exciting to participate in, that would be best. Make it fun and light-hearted, and have very minimal requirements so that more people participate. Top 3 stories get prizes, discounts, or coupons!

Remember, the more you engage your patients, the more connected they will be with your business, and the more they’ll recommend you to their friends and families!

5. An Apple A Day

Be outrageous. Have your patients submit a photo of a decorated apple. Alongside this contest, explain how natural fruits and vegetables are superior to oral health than candy, sugary snack products!

These are just a few of the endless ideas you can implement into your practice to make it fun and engaging for your patients. Stand out above the crowd as the coolest dentists around!

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