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Why Your Dental Practice Should Be Holding Contests

by / Thursday, 11 July 2013 / Published in Dentist Marketing

Contests are an amazing way to reach out to your customer base. A simple $50 gift card can go a long way in the world of social media and online marketing. People love taking part in contests as well, especially if there’s no major entry process. These simple, easy-to-enter contests can empower your business with so much strength in the marketing world and give your practice an advantage over the competition.

Why are contests so effective?

They get more people on your emailing list! A simple subscribe to newsletter contest offers a reward to a random subscriber of the newsletter. People sign up, hoping to be one of the winners. In the meantime, they’re receiving emails from your practice and hearing about what promotions and services you have to offer.

A milestone newsletter contest runs when you’re nearing a specific amount of subscribers. For example, if you’re at 80 or 90 subscribers, and you want that extra push to 100, then run a contest that offers the 100th subscriber something for free. People will subscribe hoping to become that 100th subscriber. It gets more people on your newsletter list all for a very small investment.

You have to follow through

Of course some people take part in contests yet have a hesitation to follow through with the newsletter subscription. Perhaps they’ve already had their teeth cleaning recently and really don’t have any current dental needs. It’s common for people to subscribe just for the contest and then unsubscribe later. That’s why you have to follow through, really lure them in.

Try planning some of your exciting announcements around the time you hold the contest. When you get the new flood of subscribers, you’ll want some engaging content to feed them until you reach your mark. If you’re 50 people away from that “500th Subscriber” contest, for example, it might take a couple weeks to reach that mark. During that time, offer insightful advice, or try out some humor. Get feedback, ask subscribers to respond with their thoughts. Lead them to your social media to keep the conversation going.

Just whatever you do, don’t lose your subscribers! Don’t go crazy with the emails. Try to limit to once per week AT MOST. Remember, QUALITY, not QUANTITY.

The #1 secret for keeping your subscription base

It’s simple. Right before the contest ends — and right before most of your subscription base finds out they’re not winners — announce that you’ll be holding a contest in the near future. Mention a bigger, better prize. The number one secret to keep your newsletter subscribers engaged with your practice is always give them something to look forward to. Very easy, right? It’s commonly neglected truth, however, and dental practices many times lose much of their subscription base because they don’t follow this advice.

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