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Blogging is Like Flossing (Here’s Why!)

by / Monday, 10 February 2014 / Published in SEO for Dentists

You tell your patients again and again, if they want to have a long life filled with oral health, they need to get in the habit of flossing. Not just monthly or weekly, but daily! As you know, even a few days gone by without flossing can start that process of deterioration that leads to cavities. We’re done preaching to the choir now — let’s get to the significance and draw a parallel.

We tell our clients again and again, “If you want to have a successful online presence filled with traffic and new patients, you need to get into the habit of blogging!” You may be wondering what blogging is. Think of it simply as a place on your website that stores a library of frequently-added content. Individual bloggers use it to keep track of their thoughts, or they write poetry, or songs, or they write about a specific topic. Businesses have taken up blogging to spread their products and services and improve branding. And it’s all beneficial for the users.

Many dentists have a hard time with blogging, however, because it takes too much time and it’s not fun. (Sounds like some of your patients talking about flossing, huh?) It has its benefits, and you need to become aware of this.

Here’s a Secret

I’ll tell you a secret. Frequent blogging can not only prevent your website falling in search rankings, but it can also encourage it to move up in search rankings. That means people will see your dental practice’s website above your competitors. That means they are more likely to click on it. That means you’ll have more opportunities to increase your patients. It all comes down to more business.

… Blogging? How Does it Help?

Search engines love to see fresh content, and they will benefit it. Fresh content is new and exciting. People love fresh content, too. Have you recently seen a blog post from 2004? It makes you think, “Does this content still apply?” When people see recent activity from your website, they know you’re the real deal.

But what do I blog about?

It can be anything you write about. Let your creativity go wild. In fact, we have a list of blogging ideas to help you get started. Generally though, we encourage dentists to write about what you know because you have knowledge in your industry that nobody else has, and people would be interested to hear what advice or knowledge you have to share. Sort of like how we’re writing about dental marketing — we are writing about the things we are good at — to benefit you.

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