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Blog Post Ideas for Dentists

by / Sunday, 11 August 2013 / Published in Dentist Marketing

So, you’ve followed advice in the last blog posts and started a blog. That’s great! But now, what do you post? Here are some quick ideas.


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New Staff Members

Did you hire a new receptionist? Showcase them! Do a miniature biography. Take a smiling picture of them. Have them write about themselves. This is a great way to warm up your visitors to your dental staff.

Upcoming Events

Do you have an event, or are you attending one? Invite your website visitors! Let them know what’s going on in the community as it relates to dentistry.

Daily / Weekly Oral Health Tips

Offer one quick tip per week to your patients. This can be the most simple concept for a blog. You know tens of thousands of things about oral health, so that equates to tens of thousands of days’ or weeks’ worth of posts! Literally! Because of this, there is no reason to ever lose inspiration when it comes to writing a new blog post.

Customer of the Week / Month

Showcase a customer. Have them fill out a Q&A. These posts add so much life to your blog because they showcase real people, thus making it the most personable way to write a blog.

One Last Thing!

After all of this, you’re probably feeling inspired. “I can do this!” you say to yourself. Well, don’t let these great ideas slip away. Write them down! Do it right now. Make a list of different things you want to do for your dental blog. Add your own ideas. I bet you you’ll come up with a years’ worth of posts in the next fifteen minutes if you really think about it.

Then, as you are drawing on a blank next time you sit down to blog, consult the list for instant inspiration. Trust me, this really works!

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